UAE resumes issuing tourist visas to vaccinated

The United Arab Emirates said it is resuming the issuance of tourist visas to all travelers vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The arrangement begins on Monday, about a month before Dubai hosts a World Expo.

The UAE government says visitors still have to undergo mandatory tests on arrival. It hopes the resumption will support national efforts to achieve sustainable economic recovery and growth.

The government is aiming to attract 25 million visitors to the six-month expo amid anti-coronavirus restrictions imposed by other nations. The expo, the first-ever such event in the Middle East, is due to begin on October 1.

The UAE economy is reliant on foreign capital. The largest city of Dubai resumed accepting tourists in July last year without requiring self-quarantine upon arrival.

But authorities later implemented entry restrictions on travelers from some countries, including India and Pakistan, after the city saw the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus.