Shinjuku ward to vaccinate workers at eateries

Shinjuku Ward in Tokyo will vaccinate restaurant workers even if they are not residents of the ward.

Officials say they'll set up a vaccination center at the ward office beginning September 6 till mid-December.

Workers at restaurants and cafes in the ward can have shots regardless of where they live as long as they have vaccination tickets from their municipalities.

Ward officials say they hope to see workers at the large commercial district in Shinjuku get shots.

Essential workers such as staff at childcare facilities, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools and facilities for the elderly in the ward are also eligible to be vaccinated there.

Residents of the ward who are 18 years or older are also eligible.

Reservations can be made online beginning Tuesday.

They say that they will have enough vaccines to inoculate up to 15,000 people.