Demonstrators urge support for Afghans

People around the world took to the streets on Saturday to call for support for Afghans.

In Afghanistan, citizens trying to flee the country have gathered around the airport in Kabul as the August 31 deadline nears for the US military to leave the country.
The US government has warned that the threat of terrorist attacks remains high.

In Washington, about 1,000 people gathered outside the White House, including Afghans living in the United States.

Participants held signs that say "Save Afghanistan" or "Save Afghan lives." They urged the administration of President Joe Biden to help as many Afghans as possible flee the country and help protect the rights of Afghan women.

One woman said she moved to the US 21 years ago to escape Taliban rule. She said tearfully that she is heartbroken as she cannot help her family in Afghanistan. She said she wants many people to think about the rights of the Afghan people.

Organizers of the rally said similar events were held in more than 30 cities, including London and Berlin.