Taliban step up security around Kabul airport

The Taliban in Afghanistan appear to be tightening security of the perimeter around the Kabul airport following blasts on Thursday that killed more than 80 civilians, Taliban and US troops.

The deteriorating security situation is causing panic among Afghans.

A man in Kabul said, "It was a really heartbreaking incident for Afghans. If the present situation continues, many people will flee to neighboring countries."

Kabul was quiet on Friday, a holiday. But Taliban fighters near the airport are on high alert against further attacks. They reportedly cleared people away from the area outside the airport after the explosions. A checkpoint to screen vehicles has been set up on a road leading to the airport.

A Taliban official told a Turkish media outlet on Thursday that the group condemns the deadly attacks while blaming foreign troops for the tragedy.

"Targeting innocent civilians is an act of terrorism that has to be condemned by the entire world. It is because of foreign forces, the presence of foreign forces that such attacks take place," Abdul Qahar Balkhi said.

He added the Taliban will ensure security at the airport and surrounding areas once foreign forces leave.