Kabul airport attack deals blow to Biden

US Republicans have strongly criticized President Joe Biden's response to the situation in Afghanistan after the bomb attack on Thursday near the Kabul airport.

Reuters news agency reported that the blasts killed 85 people, including 13 US military personnel. The US soldiers were reportedly conducting baggage checks of people entering the airport.

Media outlets said it was the highest number of US service members killed in Afghanistan in a single day since 30 members died when a helicopter was shot down in 2011.

The US Republican National Committee on Thursday released a statement saying that Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal has been a failure.

It added that the United States and its allies are less safe because of the president's failure.

Biden's approval rating has been dropping amid the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. The political data website, Real Clear Politics, shows that Biden's average approval rate in multiple polls stood at 46.9 percent as of Thursday. His disapproval rating was 49.1 percent, the worst since he took office.