Thai police officers arrested over suspect's death

A video clip of police officers torturing a suspect to death in Thailand has gone viral on the Internet. Seven officers have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The security camera footage was first posted on social media on Tuesday. It shows a man being pinned down to the floor and tortured to death in a police station. The man's head is covered by some plastic bags.

Police in Thailand announced on Thursday night that they had arrested the head of the police station in Nakhon Sawan province and six others. The individuals are reportedly suspected of assaulting and killing an alleged drug dealer in their custody on August 5.

The lawyer who released the footage said he had received it from a police officer at the Nakhon Sawan station. Citing information he was given when he got the clip, the lawyer said the chief of the police station had demanded that the suspect pay 2 million baht in return for his release.

Police say the head of the police station admitted that the man was killed, but denied that he was extorted.

The revelation of an apparent brutal murder by police officers has sent shock waves through Thailand. Many people are calling for the country's police force to be reformed. The force has been accused of corruption.