Hong Kong to revise law to tighten film censorship

The Hong Kong government has proposed a law revision to step up censorship of movies under the national security law.

The government unveiled a draft amendment to the Film Censorship Ordinance on Tuesday.

A censor will examine movies and if the censor determines that they contain elements that endanger national security, their screenings will be banned.

Those who screen banned movies will face up to three years in prison.

People in the movie industry argue that they will have to impose self-censorship to avoid using lines and descriptions that are deemed contrary to national security.

They also expressed concern that they may have to avoid politically sensitive topics.

The Democratic Party in Hong Kong issued a statement criticizing the proposed law revision.

The party says movies about corruption among senior government officials and police officers will be considered detrimental to national security, and some scenes could be deleted from completed movies.

The draft will be considered by the Legislative Council and is expected to be passed in September.