Taliban warn US against extending deadline

A senior Taliban official has warned the United States not to extend the deadline for American troops to leave Afghanistan.

Suhail Shaheen, who also serves as a spokesperson for the group, told Britain's Sky News that an extension beyond the August 31 deadline would amount to the US extending its occupation of the country.

The spokesperson said such a move would "provoke a reaction."

On Sunday, US President Joe Biden revealed that there are discussions among US officials about extending the deadline to oversee evacuation efforts in Kabul.

Biden said that as of Sunday morning, nearly 28,000 people, including Americans and Afgan allies, had been evacuated since August 14.

Many people have gathered in and around the airport in Kabul in hopes of getting out of the country. The US and other countries continue efforts to evacuate their nationals and Afghan collaborators. Observers say the Taliban spokesperson's latest remarks are raising concerns over how those efforts could be affected.