Putin wary of Afghan refugees in Central Asia

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the United States and its allies should not send Afghan refugees to Central Asian countries.

Putin referred to the situation in Afghanistan at a meeting in Moscow on Sunday.

Putin pointed out that Western nations are attempting to relocate refugees from Afghanistan to the former Soviet republics in Central Asia while their visas are being processed.

The president said refugees can be sent without visas to Russia's neighboring countries, while Western nations don't want to take them without visas. He called this approach "humiliating."

Putin expressed concern about the possibility of terrorists posing as refugees.

He said, "We don't want militants under the disguise of refugees to appear here again."

Central Asian nations are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of the worsening security situation in Afghanistan.

However, Uzbekistan's foreign ministry said it had accepted nearly 2,000 refugees by Friday. The country places importance on its relations with the US.