Biden: 'We have a long way to go' in Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden says evacuation operations in Afghanistan are moving forward, but that discussions are underway about extending the August 31 deadline to withdraw US troops from the country.

Biden gave a news conference at the White House on Sunday.

He said about 28,000 Americans and locals who have been cooperating with the United States have been evacuated from Afghanistan since August 14.

But he added, "We have a long way to go and a lot could still go wrong."

Biden was asked if the August 31 deadline for the US military pullout would be extended.

He said discussions are taking place among the administration and the military on the matter. He said, "Our hope is we will not have to extend."

Biden also said US officials have been holding discussions with the Taliban to secure safety around Kabul's international airport for people trying to evacuate.

He said, "We've discussed a lot with the Taliban. They've been cooperative in extending some of the perimeter."

Biden's approval rate has been sliding as the situation in Afghanistan worsens.

The political data website Real Clear Politics shows that Biden's average approval rating in multiple polls as of August 20 stood at 47.8 percent, and his disapproval rating was 48.6 percent.

Disapprovals exceeded approvals for the first time since Biden took office in January.