Forces in north Afghanistan vow to resist Taliban

Forces in northern Afghanistan have been holding out against the Taliban, making it unclear whether the insurgent group will be able to rule the entire country.

The son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, one of the leaders of the Northern Alliance, vowed to resist the Taliban in the northeastern province of Panjshir, which is now not under Taliban control.

He made the pledge in an opinion piece published in The Washington Post. The Northern Alliance fought against the Taliban when the militant group was last in power.

Local fighters in the northern province of Baghlan have reportedly attacked and recaptured some districts from the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the Taliban are working to establish a new administration, holding talks with senior officials of the government that was toppled on August 15 when the militants took control of the capital Kabul.

A Taliban official told Reuters news agency that the group's commanders are set to meet former governors and bureaucrats in more than 20 of Afghanistan's 34 provinces to ensure their safety and seek cooperation.

Against this backdrop, people continued to gather on Sunday at Kabul's international airport to board flights out of the country.

A resident of Kabul said jobs and economic activity have vanished since the Taliban takeover. He said unemployment is at its worst level, with people locking themselves in their homes.

Another man said thieves and others pretending to be Taliban members have been committing crimes.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted on Sunday that he will convene a G7 leaders meeting on Tuesday for urgent talks on the situation in Afghanistan. The meeting will take place online.

He added it is "vital" that the international community works together to ensure safe evacuations from the country and prevent a humanitarian crisis.

The foreign affairs chiefs of the G7 nations held an online discussion about Afghanistan on Thursday. They called on the Taliban "to guarantee safe passage to foreign nationals and Afghans wanting to leave" the country.