Over 60% of COVID patients denied hospitalization

Sources close to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government say 63 percent of coronavirus patients staying at home in the capital were denied hospitalization despite their worsening conditions.

The sources say there were 2,259 requests for ambulances from patients recuperating at home during the week from August 9 to 15. The figure was up 591 from a week earlier.

The sources say 1,414, or 63 percent, of the patients were not taken to medical institutions.

They say this was because paramedics could not find hospitals that could admit patients, and in many cases public healthcare officials determined that home recuperation should be continued.

The sources also say that among 845 cases of hospitalization, it took three to five hours for patients to arrive at hospitals in 159 cases and more than five hours in 121 cases.

Tokyo Fire Department officials say they are struggling to respond to a growing number of requests for ambulances, and that they will do all they can in cooperation with relevant bodies.