Japan to offer aid for severe vaccine side effects

Japan's health ministry has decided to provide financial support to individuals who suffered serious health problems which experts say may have been linked to coronavirus vaccinations. This is the country's first decision of its kind based on a revised law on immunizations.

The legislation requires the government to cover medical fees and grant up to 37,000 yen, or about 340 dollars, in monthly benefits to people who developed disabilities or other severe health problems as a result of the inoculations.

The ministry's expert panel held a closed-door session on Thursday to screen claims filed by 41 people who say they experienced serious health conditions after being vaccinated. It studied their medical certificates, symptom developments, and other information.

The panel accepted claims by 29 applicants in their 20s to 60s. It determined that a causal relationship between their conditions and vaccinations could not be denied.

Twenty-three suffered anaphylaxis or similar conditions. The other six experienced acute allergic symptoms.

The 29 are eligible for financial relief through local governments. The ministry has not disclosed which vaccines they had received.

The panel will continue to examine the claims of the 12 remaining individuals. It also plans to screen any new claims.