Myanmar overwhelmed with mounting COVID deaths

Myanmar has been gripped by a runaway increase in deaths from the coronavirus recently, with the amount of bodies overwhelming the capacity of crematoriums.

Myanmar health authorities said that as of Wednesday, 208,357 people in the country had tested positive for the virus. About a fourth of the cases were confirmed in the first two weeks of this month.

Daily numbers of deaths from COVID-19 have hit record highs for the past six days. The percentage of positive cases among tested people has exceeded 30 percent for the past several days.

Local media say the actual number of infections and deaths may be much higher than the official figures.

Crematoriums have seen bodies arriving in numbers far beyond their capacity. Bodies have been left outside a crematorium in the largest city of Yangon.

Confusion after the country's military coup in February has left the country's healthcare system in total disarray.

Many people who are infected or suspected to be have been unable to receive proper medical care and forced to stay home.

People asking for medical oxygen for sick family members have been forming long lines at oxygen factories around the country.

The Japanese Embassy in Myanmar has asked Japanese expatriates to consider returning to Japan temporarily.