Fines mulled for breaking Olympic Playbook rules

Informed sources say organizers of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are considering fines for people who break anti-coronavirus rules.

The Tokyo 2020 Playbooks, which outline anti-infection rules for people involved in the Games, were developed by the Tokyo Games organizing committee, the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee. Updated versions are expected as early as next week.

There are separate Playbooks for athletes, international sports organizations and the media. They contain rules on areas such as the frequency of coronavirus tests and the locations people are allowed to visit.

The organizers have already decided to withdraw accreditation for serious breaches of the rules. They will use the GPS function on participants' smartphones to track their location.

The head of the organizing committee, Hashimoto Seiko, told reporters on Friday that there should be thorough discussion before deciding on fines.

She said the organizers want to minimize rule-breaking, and that strict measures are necessary to ensure safety.