Wearable guides those with visual impairments

A Japanese startup has developed a wearable product that uses vibrations to guide those with visual impairments to their destinations. The device, which works inside shoes, vibrates to give users directions and indicate where to turn.

Users input their destinations orally into an app and walk along the chosen route.

The device nudges them to go straight or make a turn as different parts of the shoes buzz.

The shoes are made by Ashirase. Chino Wataru is a Honda employee who launched the firm. His wife's grandmother had a visual impairment and died in an accident.

He said, "The accident gave me the motivation to develop something that can be helpful to those with visual impairments. I think walking inspires everybody to get active, be creative, and move forward."

The Japan Ophthalmologist Association says that 2 million people in Japan will have visual impairments by 2030.