36-year-old to head S.Korea's main opposition

South Korea's main opposition party has chosen a 36-year-old Harvard-educated computer expert with no experience as a lawmaker as its new leader.

The People Power Party held a convention on Friday to elect its head. Lee Jun-seok defeated four senior and established rivals in the party's leadership contest.

In his acceptance speech, Lee said, "Our biggest task is to win the presidential election. I will work to make a party where various presidential candidates and their supporters can coexist."

After studying at Harvard University, Lee was recruited in 2011 by Park Geun-hye, who later became the country's president, and joined a conservative party which later became the PPP. Over the years, he has steadily boosted his public profile, with high-profile calls for political reform.

Lee cannot run for the election as he is below the minimum age of 40. The PPP has yet to find a strong candidate for next year's presidential race.

Some party members hope that former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-youl, who stood against the Moon Jae-in administration, will enter the political arena and run in the election.

The PPP aims to change its public image under Lee's leadership and garner more support from young voters ahead of the election.