IAEA criticizes Iran, but talks continue

Members of the International Atomic Energy Agency have criticized Iran for continuing to enrich uranium beyond the limits outlined in the 2015 nuclear agreement.

The IAEA's board of governors is meeting in Vienna, Austria. The participants have been discussing Iran's uranium enrichment activities, which have significantly deviated from the nuclear deal. They have also been talking about the discovery of nuclear materials at multiple undeclared facilities in the country, Tehran's restrictions on IAEA inspections, and other issues.

US Charge d'Affaires ad interim Louis Bono warned that Iran's activities are causing serious concerns about nuclear proliferation. He called on Iran to exercise restraint. A representative from the European Union made similar comments.

Iran's Ambassador Kazem Gharibabadi urged the United States to lift its sanctions as early as possible. He claimed that Washington has yet to show any sign that it is seriously considering lifting them.

The US and other Western countries have called on Iran to exercise restraint. However, the governors stopped short of adopting a resolution against Iran, as they did at their previous meeting in March.

Many observers believe that they are prioritizing diplomatic negotiations now, as the indirect talks between the US and Iran are entering a final phase.

The talks are expected to resume on Saturday. However, the two parties remain wide apart on issues, such as the extent of possible sanctions relief. It is unclear whether the talks will lead to an agreement.