US to share doses 'with no strings attached'

US President Joe Biden says his country's planned donations of coronavirus vaccines to lower income countries are not intended to secure favors.

Biden delivered a speech in Britain on Thursday ahead of the Group of Seven summit.

He announced that the United States will donate half a billion doses of vaccines to "nearly 100 nations that are in dire need in the fight against this pandemic."

Biden said the US will provide those vaccines "with no strings attached." He added that the donations do not include pressure for favors or potential concessions, but are intended to save lives and end the pandemic.

Biden also said the US has supported manufacturing efforts abroad through its partnerships with Japan, India, and Australia -- known as the "Quad."

Biden is wary of China and Russia expanding their influence through vaccine diplomacy.

To counter the move, he aims to secure cooperation from other G7 leaders at the summit to step up the US vaccine supply.