Vietnam Communist Party gains seats in parliament

Vietnam's ruling Communist Party gained parliamentary seats in the latest elections. The result suggests that the party is tightening its grip on power.

On Thursday, the National Election Council published the results of the National Assembly elections, which are held once every five years.

The results show that voter turnout was 99.6 percent, and that 499 candidates were elected to the 500-seat legislature.

Of those elected, 481 are Communist Party members supported by the party. Four are party members, who ran independently, and 14 are non-party members.

The non-party members lost some of the seats that they won in the last two General Assembly elections. They won 21 seats five years ago, and 42 seats 10 years ago.

Under Vietnam's one-party rule system, candidates must be screened by an organization related to the party in order to run.

Some people are calling for more democratic elections.