US, UK to agree to new Atlantic Charter

US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are to meet on Thursday before the Group of Seven nations summit. They're expected to announce a new Atlantic Charter, a pact outlining goals of US-British cooperation in meeting various global challenges.

Biden arrived in the UK ahead of the Friday start of the G7 summit in Cornwall, southwestern England.

UK officials say the charter will list eight areas for close US-British cooperation, including defense of democracy, security, coronavirus recovery, cyberattacks and climate change.

The pact is to be modeled on the Atlantic Charter issued 80 years ago by president Franklin Roosevelt and prime minister Winston Churchill during World War Two.

The 1941 charter set eight goals for a new world order after the war, such as promotion of free trade. It led to the creation of postwar institutions such as the United Nations.

British media see the new charter as a symbol of solidarity against threats by China and Russia to the existing international order.