US, China commerce chiefs agree on dialogue

Top commerce officials of the United States and China have agreed to continue dialogue on trade and other business issues.

China's Commerce Ministry says Commerce Minister Wang Wentao and US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo talked over the phone on Thursday.

The ministry says the two agreed to promote the healthy development of trade and investment while properly handling differences. It says they also stressed the importance of bilateral dialogue and communications in the business field.

The US and China have recently carried out a series of phone talks between high-level economic officials. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen discussed economic ties with China's Vice Premier Liu He last week.

The two countries are continuing economic dialogue even though they are at loggerheads over human rights, Taiwan and other issues.

But Washington has been hardening its stance against Beijing in the competition over advanced technologies.

President Joe Biden's administration has drawn up plans to strengthen the US supply chains for semiconductors and other critical high-tech products. The Senate has passed a bill that calls for a huge budget increase to support domestic industries in the fields of computer chips and next-generation communication networks.

In China, deliberations of an anti-foreign sanctions bill are underway at the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, apparently with the US moves in view.