Former VW CEO charged for giving false testimony

Public prosecutors in Germany have charged Volkswagen's former CEO for giving false testimony concerning an emissions-cheating scandal.

The German carmaker was caught in September 2015 using illegal software that reduced diesel emission levels only during engine tests. Martin Winterkorn stepped down as CEO soon after the scandal broke.

The prosecutors say he gave false testimony to a parliamentary investigative committee in 2017.

They said Winterkorn testified he had learned about the problem in September 2015, but that he was actually aware of it in May, and the company had discussed the issue.

Winterkorn was also charged with fraud in 2019 for allegedly continuing selling vehicles without notifying US and European authorities and consumers of the problem.

Volkswagen says it and Winterkorn have agreed to pay 11.2 million euros, or about 13.6 million dollars, in compensation.