Japanese media crews to be vaccinated before Games

The president of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee says Japanese media crews will be vaccinated against the coronavirus before the Tokyo Olympics to ensure safety.

Hashimoto Seiko made the remark at a news conference on Wednesday after her panel briefed an online IOC executive meeting about the preparations for the Games.

She said it's part of the hospitality her panel can offer to vaccinate all the relevant officials who will frequently come into contact with overseas visitors during the Games.

Hashimoto said the panel will make arrangements so that volunteers and media personnel will also get jabs without affecting the nationwide inoculation program.

Regarding plans to use GPS tracking to monitor foreign media crews for 14 days after entering Japan, Tokyo 2020 CEO Muto Toshiro said the measure will not be for the sake of surveillance.

He said GPS records could be used to retroactively prove a person's whereabouts if problems should occur.

Muto said, "I want to trust they will follow the rules first." He added that the measure will cover all foreign athletes and officials visiting Japan for the Games.