Biden on first foreign trip as president

US President Joe Biden is traveling to Europe for meetings with political and military leaders. It is his first trip abroad since becoming president.

Biden will first meet with G7 leaders in Cornwall, England. They will try to formulate a plan to end the pandemic. They will also talk about ways to support developing nations and counteract the influence of China.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Biden and the G7 leaders will announce an initiative to provide financing for physical, digital, and health infrastructure in the developing world. He called it a high-standard, climate-friendly, transparent, and rules-based alternative to what China is offering.

Biden will meet in Brussels with NATO allies. He will try to improve relations after they soured under former President Donald Trump. They will discuss shared strategic challenges, including climate change and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Biden is also expected to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin. White House officials have been critical of Russia's interference in US elections and links to cyberattacks.