Eisai: Pricing should reflect overall care cost

The head of major Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai says he will take into account the overall cost of treating Alzheimer's disease when setting the price for its new medication for the condition.

Eisai CEO Naito Haruo made the comment during an online briefing to investors and media outlets on Wednesday.

He said, "The cost of Alzheimer's disease care has a notable characteristic. That is the patients' families have to spend more for caregiving than medical treatment. We need to assess various aspects that the price of the drug should reflect."

Eisai developed aducanumab jointly with US pharmaceutical company Biogen. It was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration earlier this week.

Naito said he would collaborate with insurance companies and financial institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations so the drug can be available to people on low incomes.

Eisai's share price has skyrocketed almost 40 percent since the FDA approval. It soared by the daily limit for a second straight session on Wednesday.