Final manga volume of 'Attack on Titan' released

The final volume of the popular manga series "Attack on Titan" went on sale in Japan on Wednesday.

"Attack on Titan", created by Isayama Hajime, depicts the protagonist and fellow fighters battling man-eating giants for the survival of mankind.

The release of the 34th book came after Bessatsu Shonen Magazine published its final "Attack on Titan" manga column in April, after a run lasting 11 years and 7 months.

As soon as a bookstore in Tokyo's Shibuya district opened at 10 a.m., many people were seen grabbing copies of the final volume.

A 26-year-old fan said he could relate to the main character, who directs his anger against things deemed unreasonable, which he said made the series stand out among others. He added that he had to buy the final installment as he has been reading it for years.

Tsutsumi Keita, an employee of the bookstore, described feeling emotional as the series finally concluded after more than 10 years. He said the series had gained popularity by word of mouth. He added that he hopes many people will keep reading it and hold onto existing books.

The publisher Kodansha said the series has been published in 21 countries and regions. More than 100 million copies, including electronic versions, have been sold across the world. The series is also set to be made into a live-action film in Hollywood.