VP Harris urges Latinos not to cross border

US Vice President Kamala Harris has urged people in Central America not to enter the United States illegally.

Harris made the comment during her first foreign trip to Mexico and Guatemala as vice president.

She met Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Tuesday in the capital Mexico City.

The vice president said after the meeting that most people don't want to leave home. She said when they do, it is usually because they are being harmed, or because staying home means that they will not be able to obtain the things they need to sustain themselves and take care of their families.

Harris stressed that "the issues that are inherent in the situation at the border" need to be tackled.

During a visit to Guatemala on Monday, Harris urged would-be migrants in the country not to come to the US border.

She said the United States will continue to enforce its laws and secure its borders. She warned that people would be turned back at the border.

President Joe Biden has tasked Harris with the issue of immigration.

She is apparently trying to find a solution by addressing fundamental problems, such as poverty and corruption in Central America.