UNSC backs Guterres for 2nd term as UN chief

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously backed the appointment of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to a second term in office.

The council on Tuesday adopted a resolution, which recommends that he serve at the helm of the world body for another five years, starting next January. His current term expires at the end of this year.

After the vote, Estonia's UN Ambassador Sven Jurgenson, the current council president, said Guterres has proved himself worthy of the post during the five years that he has been in office.

The UN General Assembly appoints a secretary-general based on the recommendation of the Security Council. Tuesday's endorsement by the council effectively determined Guterres's reappointment.

After serving as Portugal's prime minister and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Guterres, who is now 72 years old, became the ninth UN Secretary-General in January 2017.

In a statement, Guterres called the council's decision a great honor. He said that he is very grateful to the members of the council for the trust that they have placed in him.

The United Nations has been working to achieve its development goals by 2030. It wants to eradicate poverty, resolve inequalities and tackle climate change. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has been hindering the body's progress.

Guterres' abilities will continue to be tested as he tries to rally support from the international community to tackle global challenges. Among those challenges are the move to equitably distribute coronavirus vaccines and the fight against global warming.