Companies, colleges to help in vaccine rollout

In Japan, companies and universities are offering to help in the government's efforts to roll out vaccinations.
Inoculations for healthcare workers and the elderly are underway, but the country's vaccination rate remains below 20 percent.

The government will allow companies to inoculate their employees starting on June 21st. More than 400 firms have applied.

East Japan Railway Company plans to give two shots to 22,000 train operators by the end of the year. Kansai Electric Power Company will have five doctors who usually work at the head office and nuclear power plants administer vaccines to its employees.
At least 8 colleges across Japan intend to set up inoculation sites. Keio University in central Tokyo aims to give shots to about 50,000 staff members and students.

The minister in charge of the coronavirus response, Nishimura Yasutoshi has released the findings from 993 cases of cluster infections reported in Japan last month. The largest number occurred at facilities for the elderly, followed by workplaces and schools.

Nishimura says, "Some variants are thought to be more infectious. Thorough anti-virus measures need to be taken, such as setting up dividers, frequent ventilation and disinfecting. We need to continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Health authorities across Japan confirmed more than 1,800 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday.
Nearly 370 of them were in Tokyo... which is under state of emergency until June 20th along with 9 other prefectures.