White paper urges lifestyle changes to reduce CO2

Japan's Environment Ministry has called for people to change their lifestyles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its annual white paper.

The report, which was approved at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, is the first white paper on the environment compiled since the government last year announced that Japan aims to reduce its carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050.

The paper says current levels of global greenhouse gas emissions are far from what are required to achieve the Paris climate accord goals. It refers to a higher risk of such things as heavy rain and extremely hot weather.

The report says it's necessary for everyone to change their lifestyle and refers to various measures being taken to reduce emissions.

They include efforts in the fashion industry, which emits a large amount of carbon dioxide from production through to disposal. Such measures include arrangements that allow children to share clothes and the recycling of unwanted garments.

Other efforts include car-share schemes involving electric vehicles that run on solar power.

Environment Minister Koizumi Shinjiro told reporters after the Cabinet meeting that he wants as many people as possible know about the various efforts being made.

He added that he hopes young people in particular will look at the report as climate change is a central feature of their lives.