More towns not to host pre-Olympic training camps

More towns in Japan have decided not to host pre-Olympic training camps of foreign teams due to concerns over the coronavirus.

Osaki Town in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, announced on Tuesday that it will not host training camps of the track and field teams from Taiwan and the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

The teams were scheduled to hold their camps in the town from July 11 to 25.

Osaki Mayor Higashi Yasuhiro said Taiwan told the town that it wanted to cancel its camp due to coronavirus concerns. He added that Osaki notified Trinidad and Tobago that the town decided not to host the country's camp due to infection risks.

Echizen Town in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, decided not to host a training camp of the Canadian men's field hockey team.

Town officials say they proposed to Canada in late May that the camp be cancelled to ensure safety and health of the team and residents. The Canadian side accepted the proposal.