Kono hopes many will get vaccines at workplaces

Japan's minister in charge of the coronavirus vaccine rollout, Kono Taro, has expressed hope that a wide range of people will be offered vaccinations at workplaces and universities.

Kono was speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the day that the government started accepting applications for inoculations at those venues.

The minister said he believes more than 100 companies and universities have indicated that they intend to take part in the scheme.

Kono expressed hope that family members of employees, people at related firms and business clients will be able to receive vaccinations at companies.

He emphasized that the firms and universities should find venues and medical staff members on their own, so that the vaccination programs for elderly people, which are being organized by local municipalities, will not be affected.

Kono also referred to cases in which some local municipalities have not received vaccine deliveries as planned. He urged prefectural governments to make appropriate adjustments and rectify the situation.