Biden to call for cooperation of G7 nations

The White House says US President Joe Biden will announce with other leaders a new initiative to support developing countries at the upcoming Group of Seven meeting.

Biden will depart this week for his first overseas tour as president. He will visit Britain for the G7 meeting that opens on Friday. On Wednesday the following week, he will hold his first face-to-face summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Switzerland.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters on Monday that at the G7 meeting, Biden will announce a new initiative to provide infrastructure financing for the developing world.

Sullivan said it will be a "high-standard, climate-friendly, transparent, and rules-based alternative to what China is offering." He was alluding to China's economic assistance through its Belt and Road initiative.

Sullivan also said cybersecurity will be discussed at the G7 summit. He said the United States would like to see the start of an action plan to respond to the threat posed by cyberattacks.

Sullivan said the plan would cover how the G7 will collectively speak with one voice to countries, including Russia, that he said are "harboring or permitting cyber criminals to operate from their territory."

The National Security Advisor said that when Biden returns to Washington next week, "we believe that we will be in a materially stronger position to manage the major threats and challenges this country faces," including those posed by China and Russia.