Drill for Tokyo Games security system held

Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have conducted a drill to check the operation of a security monitoring system for venues at the games.

The Tokyo organizing committee plans to set up security headquarters for each of the 48 venues, including the athletes' village. About 8,000 security cameras and 2,500 sensors will be installed in and around the sites.

The drill was carried out at one of the venues in Tokyo on Monday, based on the assumption that a suspicious person breached security by climbing over a fence.

Once a sensor installed in the fence was activated, people participating in the drill confirmed the presence of a suspicious person using a nearby camera.

A person at the headquarters contacted police for support and security guards were sent to the site to apprehend the suspicious person.

The Tokyo organizing committee says they have conducted drills using the security system since 2019. About 10 personnel are scheduled to operate the system around the clock during the games.

The organizing committee's security chief, Iwashita Tsuyoshi, said a security system using this kind of technology has never been used before.

He said all preparations are going smoothly and he is confident the system will offer adequate security during the games.