Keio University to vaccinate students, staff

Keio University, based in Tokyo, has announced a plan to provide coronavirus vaccine shots to its students and faculty members, starting on June 21.

The university made the announcement on Monday. This comes in response to plans by the government to begin vaccinations at workplaces and universities across Japan to speed up the rollout.

Keio, which has six campuses in the Tokyo area, says the program will cover about 50,000 people, including outsourced personnel.

Its Mita campus in central Tokyo will serve as the vaccination site. About 1,000 people per day are to be given shots.

The government will provide the vaccine developed by Moderna, approved for people aged 18 or older.

Keio says it will call on its university hospital, as well as the alumni association of its medical department, to cooperate in giving the shots.

Several other universities, such as Hiroshima University and Osaka University, have also announced they will carry out vaccination programs.