New Delhi reopens business as case counts drop

The Indian capital of New Delhi is further easing coronavirus restrictions as infection numbers continue to drop.

Small shops re-opened on Monday for daily operations. Authorities also allowed tenants of commercial facilities to do business every other day.

Subway trains resumed services at up to 50 percent capacity.

The moves came one week after the local Delhi government allowed factories and construction sites to resume operations.

India saw the nationwide daily number of infections exceed 400,000 in early May, but the figure on Monday fell to 100,636.

Case counts in New Delhi stood at 381 on Monday.
Experts attribute the declines to strict restrictions introduced across the country.

Some other regions in India, including the states of Haryana and Maharashtra, have also begun easing restrictions.

But the pace of inoculations has slowed down due to a vaccine shortage.

Just over 3 percent of India's 1.3 billion people have completed inoculations.