Taiwan extends restrictions after 10,000 new cases

Taiwan has decided to extend coronavirus restrictions for two weeks, after a rise of more than 10,000 cases in less than a month.

Taiwan's Cabinet decided on Monday to keep the alert level at the second-highest on a four-tier scale until June 28.

The current restrictions are due to end on June 14. This is the second time the measures have been extended.

Taiwan had fewer than 100 domestic infections until May 10. But the infection count jumped to more than 10,200 by Monday.

Indoor gatherings will remain limited to four people and outdoor gatherings up to nine. Schools will continue to suspend face-to-face classes.

A holiday period, known as the Dragon Boat Festival, will start in Taiwan this weekend, but authorities are calling on people to refrain from travelling.

Railway officials say nearly 80 percent of the 136,000 reserved seat tickets for local trains during the period have been cancelled as of Monday morning.

Authorities are seeking to speed up vaccinations in Taiwan. They plan to distribute 1.24 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine donated by Japan and inoculate people with chronic diseases and those aged 75 or older, starting next week.