Local govts. asked to devise vaccine programs

Japan's central government is urging local governments to come up with their own ways to speed up coronavirus vaccination programs.

The administration hopes more local governments will learn from those, which have already launched their own efforts. The central government's goal is to have all elderly people immunized by the end of July.

The prime minister's office website lists projects to secure medical personnel for the shots.

In Nara Prefecture, teams of about five trainee doctors are sent to vaccination venues under the guidance of supervisory doctors.

In Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture, vaccination teams are dispatched to communities that are located far from train stations and have relatively few medical institutions.

The website also publicizes methods to increase vaccination speed.

In Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, local officials designate dates and appointment times for shots based on districts. They also transport eligible residents to a vaccination venue by bus.

At a venue in Tokyo's Chofu City, doctors move along lines of seated elderly people and vaccinate them in turn.