ASEAN presents envoy nominees to Myanmar military

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has submitted to Myanmar's military a list of nominees for the post of ASEAN's special envoy to the country.

ASEAN's secretariat said the chairman of its foreign ministers' meeting and the bloc's secretary-general visited Myanmar and met the country's senior officials late last week, including the military chief, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

The secretariat said they discussed the appointment and role of the ASEAN chair's special envoy to Myanmar, and presented the list of nominees proposed by the bloc's member countries for the position.

The secretariat did not disclose the names of the nominees.

The envoy will be tasked with mediating dialogue between the country's military and its pro-democracy entities.

Participants in the ASEAN Leaders' Meeting in April agreed to the "Five-Point Consensus" for a peaceful solution to the situation in Myanmar. It calls for the envoy's dispatch and the immediate cessation of violence.

But Myanmar's military, which launched a coup in February, appears hesitant to agree to a swift implementation of the Consensus.

The military leader recently indicated that he would consider the possibility of a visit by the envoy after the domestic situation has stabilized.