Media: Myanmar security forces kill at least 17

Reports from Myanmar say that at least 17 residents were shot and killed by security forces in a southern village on Saturday.

Multiple media outlets reported that security forces raided a village in the Kyonpyaw district of Ayeyarwady region to search for weapons. Residents reportedly resisted them and threw stones.

Saturday's reported death toll would be the highest since 82 people were killed in the central city of Bago in April, when the military dispersed a rally using firearms.

A spokesperson for Myanmar's supreme decision-making entity, the State Administrative Council, said the reports were inaccurate and the true number of people killed in the village was three.

The council was established by the military after February's coup.

State-run media said security forces detained two residents and confiscated six gas guns. The report, which included photos, stated that the villagers were armed.