ASEAN envoys meet myanmar military

In Myanmar, the political turmoil and crackdowns by the military is now in its fifth month. Neighboring countries are pursuing diplomatic efforts to end the crisis.

Two ASEAN officials appear to have met with representatives of Myanmar's military on Friday, but details of the talks have yet to be announced.

Erywan Yusof, the second minister of foreign affairs for Brunei and Lim Jock Hoi, ASEAN secretary-general, arrived Thursday in Myanmar to try to end the bloodshed. In April, ASEAN leaders and Myanmar's military chief who led the coup met in Jakarta and agreed to a "Five-Point Consensus" on the situation in Myanmar. The document includes calls for an immediate cessation of the violence and a visit to Myanmar by an ASEAN envoy to mediate between the junta and anti-military groups.
The junta said it would accept a visit by an envoy once stability is restored in Myanmar. Diplomatic sources say the Myanmar junta is expected to discuss with the two ASEAN officials the sending and receiving of the envoy.

Next week, ASEAN is scheduled to have a foreign minister's meeting with China, which has influence with the Myanmar junta.

Meanwhile, the National Unity Government formed by ousted lawmakers who support Aung San Suu Kyi, has released a statement recognizing the citizenship rights of the minority Rohingya people.

It says "Rohingyas are entitled to citizenship by laws that will accord with fundamental human rights norms and democratic federal principles".