Omi: Reducing movement is top priority for Games

The head of the Japanese government's coronavirus advisory panel says reducing the movement of people during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the top priority in preventing a resurgence of the virus.

Omi Shigeru told a Diet committee on Friday that infection risks must be minimized if the Games are held as scheduled this summer.

He said that how to control the movement of people across the country will be far more important than restricting contact between athletes or between athletes and the public.

He urged the Games' organizing committee and the government to take thorough measures.

Omi referred to how people might feel if they see the festive mood at the Games on TV, while being advised to refrain from cheering the athletes while linking shoulders.

He said what's extremely important in hosting the Games in a situation like this is how to win public understanding and sympathy. He noted that there are still things that the organizing committee can do.

Omi said the experts plan to compile their views by June 20 and convey them to the people concerned.