Media: HK organizer for Tiananmen vigils arrested

Media in Hong Kong is reporting an organizer of a group for annual Tiananmen vigils has been arrested.

Chow Hang-tung, vice-chairwoman of the group, was reportedly arrested for promoting an unauthorized assembly for Friday evening.

Hong Kong police banned this year's vigil for the second year in a row, citing the pandemic.

Chow had spoken earlier with NHK. The barrister has participated in the vigils ever since she was a child and told NHK the group wouldn't let police crackdown on them.

In May, Chow said, "The memorial is one of the identities of Hongkongers. Our city is the only place in China where the Tiananmen Square incident can be remembered in such a manner. I can't let it be terminated for ongoing political suppression. With the candles, we'll protect the freedom of Hongkongers."

Police have warned people repeatedly against participating in the memorial.

Reuters reports that a police spokesperson could not immediately confirm the arrest.