Red Cross chief talks with Myanmar military leader

The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross has conveyed the organization's concerns about Myanmar's humanitarian situation to its military leader Min Aung Hlaing.

Myanmar's state-run television reported on Thursday that Min Aung Hlaing held talks with ICRC President Peter Maurer, who visited the country. It is rare for the military, which seized power in a February coup, to accept a visit by the head of an international organization.

In a statement issued after the talks, the ICRC said, "This visit aimed to share ICRC's concerns on the current humanitarian situation" in Myanmar. More than 840 people have allegedly died since the coup in violent crackdowns on civilian protesters and others by security forces.
Local media reported that representatives of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations arrived in Myanmar on Thursday night.

They are supposed to explore the possibility of sending an envoy who would mediate between the military and pro-democracy forces.

State-run television aired remarks of Min Aung Hlaing purportedly made during an interview with a Hong Kong TV station.

In the footage, the military leader expressed a cautious stance toward ASEAN's moves. He said if people from abroad take steps when the country is unstable, both good and bad things could happen.

The representatives from ASEAN are expected to hold talks with the military as early as Friday.