Music, podium for games' medal ceremonies unveiled

Organizers of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games have unveiled the music and podium design for awards ceremonies.

The organizers disclosed the medal ceremony features in Tokyo on Thursday, 50 days before the Olympics are scheduled to open.

The chief of the Tokyo Games organizing committee, Hashimoto Seiko, and Japanese Olympic Committee President Yamashita Yasuhiro were among those present.

Officials say the theme of the ceremonies is maximum contribution to sustainability. The podiums are made of recycled plastic materials.

The games are also intended to showcase reconstruction after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated northeastern Japan. Scrap materials from temporary housing units built in affected areas after the disaster are used in parts of the podiums.

The podium design was based on traditional Japanese checkered patterns used by Tokolo Asao in creating the games' emblem.

Uniforms for 500 volunteers helping with awards ceremonies, as well as medal trays, are in indigo blue, one of the games' basic colors.

The ceremony music was composed by Sato Naoki, who's in charge of the music for NHK's yearlong historical drama for 2021.

A total of 878 medal ceremonies are scheduled for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.