Australian team to follow Japan's COVID rules

An Australian softball player who arrived in Japan on Tuesday says she and her teammates will follow anti-coronavirus rules as they train for the Tokyo Olympics.

Ellen Roberts spoke in an online interview with NHK. The players have started training in the city of Ota in Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo.

Roberts said she can understand the feelings of Japanese people who are worried about more foreigners coming to their country under the current circumstances.

She said she and her teammates want to fully respect the rules and follow all the regulations to make sure that they and the people around them are staying safe.

Athletes will take PCR tests every day during their stay in Japan. They are only allowed to leave their hotels to go to the practice venue.

When the Australian team holds a meeting, only one player sits at a table. Members refrain from talking with each other during meals.

Roberts said she and her teammates are very happy in Japan, as the hotel is very good at providing the food and meals that they need to stay healthy and fit.

The captain of the Japanese women's softball team, Yamada Eri, says she is grateful for the team's visit.

She told NHK that her team has not been able to play an international game, and she appreciates the opportunity to have a practice game with the Australians before the Olympics.