US helicopter makes off-base landing in Okinawa

A US military helicopter has made an emergency off-base landing in Japan's southern prefecture of Okinawa.

Local police say a resident on Tsuken island in Uruma City reported a helicopter landing at around 11 p.m. Wednesday, local time.

Police officers confirmed a UH-1 helicopter from US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station landed on a field in the central part of the island. The five crew members were reportedly unhurt.

The site is 120 meters from the nearest home. No injuries or structural damage on the ground has been confirmed so far.

The helicopter's crew reportedly explained to police that they had to land due to engine trouble.

A 43-year-old local resident told NHK that he was worried about the helicopter flying low and making a loud noise. He says he went to the site after a friend notified him of the emergency landing, and he was shocked to see how close it was to a residence.