Biden honors victims of Tulsa massacre

US President Joe Biden has promised the victims of a massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that their story will be "known in full view." He attended a memorial ceremony there a century after a white mob rampaged through the city's African American community.

In 1921, a white woman accused a Black man of assault that was never proven. A white mob killed hundreds of Black Americans and burned their homes. No one was charged in the attacks.

Biden said that for much too long, the history of what took place was told in silence and cloaked in darkness. He said that just because history is silent, it doesn't mean the massacre didn't take place.

Biden became the first sitting president to visit the community and address what happened. He met with survivors and toured a museum dedicated to the massacre.

The story never appeared in history books, but more and more Americans have learned about it over the last few years. Biden has made racial equity central to his presidency.