Instagram boss vows more steps to combat bullying

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri has told NHK that he'll keep looking for ways to prevent bullying and harassment on the social-networking platform. Instagram is owned by Facebook, and has over 1 billion users worldwide, with 33 million of them in Japan.

Last week, Instagram started allowing users to hide the "likes" on their posts. That's if they don't want to feel upset because they're not getting much favorable feedback from other users.

Mosseri said he and his team hoped that the option to turn off "like" counts "would make Instagram feel a little bit less pressurized."

He added that users will see more such tools "over the next few years."

Mosseri also said "We hope that no bullying or harassment happens in the first place. We will continue to try and build solutions there. We will give people tools to take some power back. What we would like is to be the platform where people feel the safest and the most comfortable with expression. "

The Instagram boss said there's a real tension between the freedom of users to express themselves and safety on social networks.

But he said Instagram avoids "getting too involved," given its scale and role.